Hey, I’m Renee McCormick. Worshiping the Lord has transformed my life, but I remember the frustration of trying to find quality training and worship gear.  Now that I’ve discovered the best teachers and artisans, I’m compelled to share them with you.

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Hey, I’m Gary McCormick.     I handle the background tech around here at The Worship Store, but I can also give early access, reviews and even stories from local events, so click here to sign up for the Worship Insider and I’ll quietly keep you in the loop.

So let me tell you a story…

Don’t worry, it’s a real story with a happy ending.

A girl I know was once a promising ballerina in the Junior Company of the Atlanta Ballet. She spent hours every week in the dance studio, dreamed of attending Julliard and becoming a professional dancer, until it all changed when she was involved in a freak bike accident at 13.

While riding her bike barefoot in a neighbor’s wooded backyard, she caught the 3rd and 4th toes of her right foot on a metal survey stake, nearly tearing them completely off. She had ridden her bike in that yard for years and never hit the stake before?

Her parents rushed her to the hospital emergency room and the toes were painstakingly sewn back on. The doctors said that her toes would heal cosmetically, but would not have much function or feeling, and because of the scar tissue, she would not dance on pointe again. If you can’t dance on point you can still dance, but not professional ballet, let alone study at Julliard. She was heartbroken and her dream died that day.

She eventually put dancing behind her and made do with aerobics and step classes. Then, decades later, just before turning 40, while worshipping at a Christian conference, soft whisper of God call her to dance for Him! Not for applause, to prove something or get paid…just for His pleasure and His purpose alone.

In obedience, she began to dance again and learn about dance as a ministry. A few years later, she and her husband were returning home late one Friday night from a healing worship service. As she got out of the car, she managed to catch her foot in the car door as it closed, smashing her middle toes to the point of tears.

Once in the house, with shoe off, her husband asked, “Aren’t those the toes that you can’t feel?” They were! Her toes had been healed during worship without anyone ever even asking. She received the healing as a confirmation that much more dance ministry was to come.

Since then, she has experienced more physical and emotional healing through dance and worship. After all, our God is a good Father who wants to see his children whole, fully restored and able to fulfill His purpose in their life.

That girl was me and it’s been about 9 years since God brought me back to dance for His way for Him, and what an amazing adventure it’s been.

I don’t know what your story is, but I know you have one. It may not be dancing, it might be flagging, banners, creating prophetic art, singing, acting, sounding Shofars or using anointing oil to pray for someone’s healing. Our commonality is that we are all called to worship!

We are the body of Christ, and each one of us has a function and a purpose in the Kingdom of God. Each of our stories is unique but connected and we are so thankful that you’re here with us. We are here to encourage and equip you in your personal expression of worship.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to Gary or me personally. Blessings!

Customer Testimonials:

I was at a worship dance and flag conference in Atlanta when my friends first told me about The Worship Store online and their friend Renee’ who had started it.  So glad I found you guys and love that you’re just a bunch of worship dance and flag people like me. – Amanda D
I met Renee’ (the owner of The Worship Store) when she danced at a local church near me.  I had been wanting to dance again for a while, but am more of a “soccer mom” these days.  She really encouraged me, helped me get the right gear and to find a local group to start training with.  Thanks for going above and beyond to help a Sister out Renee’! – Sarah M.
I’ve been dancing and flagging for a few years now, but have always been frustrated that the really cool dance garments and custom worship flags were always found at conferences, which is when I have the least money to spend since just paid for the conference.  I kept seeing Renee’ in Dallas at events, but now that she started The Worship Store I can get what I need whenever it’s best for me :-) – Janice T.

The Worship Store FAQ’s:

Who is this site for?

This site is for everyone and anyone that loves to worship whether you do it in the privacy of your home, at your church, the gym, dance studio or at a park while ministering to strangers.

Why should I buy from your store?

Well, assuming you’re going to worship no matter what and get worship gear from someone, why not us?  a). we love to worship too, even more than helping you worship more b). we’re believers, actively involved in encouraging and training others to worship, so we have a pretty good idea of what you might be needing c). we go to events and conferences all the time, so we know how hard it is to find a lot of these higher quality, unique and custom made items when you need them, when you have the funds and when it’s convenient d). we tithe a minimum of 10% although it’s our prayer to keep tithing more and more each year, and as such we live very simply and frugally e). God told us to, and he’s the one that got reasons a-d above in place before hand, how cool, we’re not remotely perfect over here, but we are obedient by His Grace

What countries do you serve?

We ship to anywhere in the US.  We love the idea of global and may get there eventually, but The Worship Store is relatively new and a). simple is better, especially in the beginning b). crawl and walk before you run unless you want to bump your chin c). we feel like variable shipping and handling makes things overly complicated for everyone involved, but our policy of “shipping always included” in your prices only works if we know you’re somewhere in the US.

What if I want something I can't find?

We really want to help you find anything worship related that you need.  The vast majority of our market place ministers and artisans offer custom made items and get incredible joy out of providing special and unique worship gear, so just email or call us to let us know specifically what you’re looking for and we’ll do our 100% best to help make that happen for you and/or your group.

How do you handle taxes?

We’re still trying to decide exactly how we’ll be dealing with taxes in the handful of states that make it difficult as most states don’t.  We may end up not shipping to those few states, but at least for right now we’re still assuming we’ll be serving all of the US for now.

How do you handle shipping?

Our tagline at the top of the website is “Where shipping and handling are always included”, so we probably need to consistently handle it that way.  As mentioned in the question above about what areas we serve, to offer this simpler and we think more pleasant way of handling shipping is only feasible because we’ve limited our service area to the US.  We love when restaurants charge $7 for a cheese burger, tax included, it’s just so pleasantly simple and hope that our policy of shipping and handling always included in the prices will make all of your smile too :-)